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How to Install Kali Linux On Termux Without Rooting

Install kali linux without root on android using these commands.


using this command you can easly Install kali linux on your android phone .

#1 first Install termux

#2 use these commands...

  pkg update && pkg upgrade
   pkg install wget
   wget -O pkdnh

you can use both of bellow

   chmod +x pkdnh

here if you want to access of your storage in linux so follow..


now start the nethunter server

  sudo apt update
   password is => kali

solve internet error

   nano /etc/resolv.conf
write there bellow after SAVE that ( ctrl + x + y and enter ) and remove all from there

now update the packages

    sudo apt update

now install vnc server for run our linux

sudo apt install kali-desktop-xfce dbus-x11 tigervnc-standalone-server -y

make some change in vnc server

   nano .vnc/xstartup
write there bellow

make excutable vnc server

chmod +x .vnc/xstartup

now start the vnc server for run kali linux on android.


for stop the kali linux

kex stop

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