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Textme Mod apk

Textme Mod apk 35MB
TextMe is an instant messaging app for smartphones. It allows you to text without a phone number and has other features such as group conversations, stickers, and voice messages.
TextMe does not require a phone number to send or receive messages. Messages are sent as SMS which means they will be delivered the same way as if you were using a standard text message from your carrier's network. You also don't need wifi or cell service for the app to work since it uses your cellular data plan instead of a wifi connection for messages and calls.
If you are trying to get in touch with someone but don't have their contact information then TextMe can help! TextMe shares your location when you make an outgoing call, so your recipient knows where you are coming from and can click on the map link.

Textme mod apk

With the TextMe mod, you can get unlimited credits to make free calls and texts.
With the TextMe mod, you can get unlimited credits to make free calls and texts. This is possible because of ads that are shown in the app. You just have to do some simple steps and you will be able to use this app without any additional charges.
In this app, for every text or call that you've made, you will be earning credits that are worth $0.30 each time. Credits can also be earned by watching short ads in the app or completing surveys from time to time. That is why this is a great way of making free calls and texts without spending a dime on your phone bill every month.

But while it may sound too good to be
It is a chat app which lets you to send SMS.
Textme mod apk is a free text and call app that lets you to chat with your friends all around the world for absolutely free. It's an app which was developed by Google, so it's definitely reliable and trustworthy. It provides free pIt is a chat app which lets you to send SMS.hone calls, text messages, simple games and more features such as sending pictures, stickers and much more.

TextMe is a free text and video messaging app that is available for Android and iPhone devices.
TextMe provides users with the ability to make local, international, and free calls. Text messages can be sent from one device to another as well as to email addresses.
The app also includes a built-in social media platform which allows users to share photos, videos, and GIFs with friends or the general public.

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