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What is HTML

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Hello friends, do you know HTML has been used to create all the websites on the Internet. Whether it is , , or any other website of the world which is available on the internet, HTML has been used somewhere to make them all. If you want to go to a field in Web Designing, then first you have to learn HTML. HTML is the first step of Web Design. If you also want to become a successful web designer, then you can get complete information about HTML from this post.

In today’s Article I will tell you What is HTML, History of HTML, HTML full form, Versions of HTML, Structure of HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML is a Markup Language that is used to create web pages. 
HTML is also a Computer Language like any other. 
It is much simpler than other Computer Language and it is also very easy to learn. 
Hypertext of HTML is a short form of Markup Language
The file format of an HTML Document is .html and can be opened in any Web Browser.

Where is HTML used?

HTML is most commonly used to create web pages.
All the websites you see on the Internet are made in HTML itself. 

Full form of HTML

The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. This word has a different meaning. 
Hypertext: –

Hypertext is the method by which you surf the web. By clicking on a special text called a hyperlink, you go from one web page to another.
Hyper means that it is not linear – as in other programming languages. That is, you can go to any place on the Internet by clicking on the link. 
Markup: –

The HTML Document tag is based. This means that text or media is defined inside the tags. 
For example, if we want to write Blogging270 in an HTML document, we can write it this way
Language : –

Language means language. But it is not human language. Only computer can understand this. There is a certain way of writing this which is called Syntax. 

History of HTML

HTML was created in 1991 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Since then many versions of HTML have come.
HTML 4.01 was the most widely used version of which became the official standard for creating web documents in December 1999.
Creator Of HTML: Sir Tim Berners-Lee 
HTML 4.01 was the most widely used version of which became the official standard for creating web documents in December 1999. 

Versions of HTML

HTML 1.0 
This was the first version of HTML that was released to the public. There was not much in it but a simple web page could be created in it. 
HTML 2.0
This was the second version of HTML. It included all the features of HTML 1.0 and also added ADD separately. It continued to be used as a standard for web pages until 1997. 
HTML 3.0
HTML was now widely used. More and more people were now creating web pages using HTML. 
The Netscape Navigator browser was then used in the greatest amount to run the Internet. At that time, some tags were added to this browser from our side which did not support in other browsers. 
This created a situation of confusion. Then a working committee of HTML led by Dave Raggett created HTML 3.0 which had more features than before.
HTML 3.2
HTML 3.0 did not find support for all browsers and browser specific tags kept coming. 
That is why the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was established in 1994 to standardize and develop the HTML language. 
It first created a version of HTML with the code name WILBUR. Later it came to be known as HTML 3.0. It got all Browser’s support. 
HTML 4.0
This was the biggest development in HTML standards. Initially it was named COUGAR. 
The biggest thing in this is the support of CSS, with the help of which you can change the look of your website. Such as color, background color or image, font family, font color and more. 
HTML 5.0
This is the latest version of HTML. XML is also supported in this. Nowadays all Web Browser supports HTML 5 and almost all websites are built in HTML5. 

What is XHTML?

XHTML is a mixture of HTML and XML. On 26 January 2000, W3C launched XHTML 1.0. 
XML and HTML 4.01 have been introduced as standard in this. No tag was added to XHTML but it is a new set of Coding rules. 
XHTML is used in Google’s website, with the help of which you can create BLOG for free. 

What is DHTML?

The full form of DHTML is Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language. 
It is a mixture of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT with the help of which you can create attractive and MODERN websites. 

Structure of HTML

Syntax of HTML is very simple which makes it easy to learn. 
Different TAGs are used in HTML according to different needs. 
Any tag has its ends. An Opening tag and a Closing tag.
However, there are some tags in HTML which are single such as etc. for line break. 
First to document in HTML 5.0
It is necessary to write
To start HTML Document 
And to close 
tag is used. 
After this, the tag is written in which the name, Description, Author name and other meta data of Web Page are written. 
The tag is written after it. Any data written inside it shows on the page.
Within the body tag, we write the information for our web page. 

How to learn HTML

HTML is very easy to learn. Anyone can learn it. No coding skill is required for this. You should have a little technical knowledge. 
HTML You can learn YOUTUBE, UDEMY, Skill share or 

Software required for HTML

Software is very simple to write and read HTML. 
Text Editors like Notepad, Notepad ++, Sublime text, Atom are used to write HTML. 
Any Web Browser can be used to view HTML Document. Such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. Friends, hope you liked my post on HTML. What is HTML, Full Form Of HTML , History of HTML, What is XHTML and many more. If If you like it, share it with your friends.  If you have some questions about HTML, you can ask me by commenting.

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