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What is User Interface (UI)

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What is User Interface (UI)? You must have heard the word many times, often when you go to buy a mobile, you are going to read reviews on YouTube or somewhere on the internet, what happens to the UI is a user interface and how it It is very useful. Let’s try to know What is User Interface (UI)?

What is User Interface (UI)

When you run a machine, you must have noticed carefully that whether you have a computer, a mobile phone, or a washing machine or microwave oven in your house, you see some instructions there, these instructions can also be in the form of a graphic. Can also be in the form of a switch or as a switch. When you give these instructions to the machine or computer using the mouse keyboard touch screen or your hands, a communication is set up between you and the machine. In other words, if you and your machine have a conversation, the medium used to establish this conversation is the same user interface, the user interface is also called Human Machine Interface (HMI). 
At present, the user interface provided to run computers and mobile phones is mainly your operating systems which provide you graphical user interface where you see pictures and icons through which You can give commands in your computer with the help of keyboard and mouse and in your mobile phone with the help of touch screen.
Operating Systems is a system software that means that the operating system controls all the internal activities of your computer and provides you with an interface to the user. easily operating systems could operate computers computers as resources of storage computer, central processing units , hard disk or other software to control the room after it on the first program that switches the computer ‘s main memory of the computer This process is loaded in is called booting.

Types of user interfaces


The GUI is a full-fledged graphical user interface as displayed in its name. It is based on the operating system graphics, i.e. you can give input to the computer through the mouse and keyboard and there The interface you are given is graphical or there are menus with all kinds of buttons, which is a very easy interface that any user can operate, with the introduction of the graphical user interface After the operating system has grown rapidly

Web User Interface

Web User Interface is also a graphical user interface in which the web page is designed in such a way that when it reaches a user through the Internet, its output is very good, the layout or interface of your web page is very important for your website. it happens

Touch screen interface

Touch screen interfaces are in the mobile phone tablet and ATM machine where you touch the screen and give input and the machine gives you a fixed output.

Command Line Interface

In this, the computer is inputted by typing the command string through the keyboard and you see its output on the computer monitor.

Hardware user interface

In home appliances commonly used in the home, any command you give to the hardware through the switch through the touch screen through buttons is given through the hardware user interface and it simplifies running any of your machines.
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